Secure your implementation projects

Do you want to establish yourself in Africa safely?

Exco GHA Mauritania mobilizes for you its best experts to accompany you in your development projects, export, external growth, international implementation, merger, parenting, outsourcing of services…

Our Offer

Knowing the African market perfectly, our experts guide you through your entire process from the development of your prospecting market studies, your business plan, to the implementation and operation while offering you at every stage legal and tax advice, accounting and financial assistance and the management of all your human resources by social obligations for local and expatriate staff.

Our approach


  • Design of the strategic development plan for Africa.
  • Profitability analysis.
  • Legal, tax and customs studies
  • Studies on transportation and insurance.

The constitution  

  • Legal and tax aspects
  • Incorporation of companies or subsidiaries.
  • Tax domicile.

The audience

  • Keeping the books.
  • Tax returns
  • Legal secretariat.
  • Periodic reporting
  • Detachment procedures
  • Intra-group transfers.

Your profits

  • We are a network of African firms of human size, we share a common working methodology and quality standards according to international standards that allow us to pool our skills to better meet your needs.
  • Exco GHA Mauritania allows you to simplify procedures, reduce multiple conventions, save time and money.